Basic Concept of Content Professor

Basic Concept of Content Professor

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Content Professor is a breakthrough in article writing or rewriting, it allows you to produce more articles in less time, for example 50 or more articles could be written in as little as 30 seconds, you could potentially flood your website with high quality, original content, you could save a lot of money because you will no longer need to hire article writers. Also when article writing, most people will need to do a bit of research, after that they will need to write the articles and finally they will need to publish them
Basic Concept of Content Professor
Basic Concept of Content Professor


Problem 1 : writing and rewriting articles is very time consuming it may take up to an hour to write a quality article, perhaps even longer than an hour if the article is thousands of words long.
Problem 2 : While you are typing manually the competition will most likely be finished writing their articles and are publishing them, especially if the competition is a large company with lots of staffs to do the typing for them.
Problem 3 : Article writing can be risky if not done properly and if this is the case it could potentially cause more damage than good. “Why”? The answer is easy; if Google does not agree with your content it can devalue your "Search Engine Optimisation" (SEO).

Content Spinner

When article spinning first took off as a good way to market your business, Google didn't like that their search engine was being exploited by marketers so they fought back... removing adverts from there search results, banning pages and so much more, so nowadays if you rewrite an article it must be done correctly, most marketers will now publish there articles through copyscape, this is a site that will report any duplicate articles that have been published already, If you were to go ahead and publish anyway the worse case scenario would be you could potentially be sued for copyright.

So how can we regain the ease of article spinning while still maintaining good quality articles?

The Content Professor System;

Content Professor is a new article spinning software, with Article Spinner you will have access to the entire system from within your browser, you will also have access to a database that has evolved from user input which will ensure quality content can be found and the best bit is you can use this software to "Auto Spin" your articles and create hundreds of "unique" articles in just seconds click here.

So how does this help you?

Firstly you will no longer need to spend hours writing articles for SEO, you simply need to copy and paste content and Article Spinner will instantly create unique articles that you can use on your blog, websites and any other social media profiles you have, this will enable you to increase your traffic ranking on Google and can be used on your website with ease for back links etc.

Using Content Professor you will never need to worry about how many articles you need, you will no longer need to spend hours at the computer typing by hand and you will save a load of money because you will no longer need to hire people to write content for you.

Content Professor is really easy to use, simply copy and paste the text from your document that you want spun into the main section of the application, then press "Spin" found at the top left of the screen and it will spin the article. If you want to search synonyms while using Content Professor you will find a drop down menu on the right hand side of the screen, the drop down menu gives you the choice of normal, better or ideal, once you select one, click "Target Synonyms" just below the drop down menu and Content Professor will search for all known synonyms and list the results in the article, (highlighted blue, green or red and you simply choose which words you want to keep.

There are many options available so changing things to suit your personal preferences is no problem. Once you are happy with your spun article click the "Generate Article" button and it appears on a screen just under the screen you are editing from here there are options to change the format of the document and select how many articles to spin.

Content Professor is an amazing piece of kit to aid marketers in there pursuit of SEO.

"Hendaknya kesibukan kita lebih berfokus pada penyempurnaan penunaian kewajiban-kewajiban kita kepada Tuhan, sebab Dia, Tuhan yang sekaligus Pemberi Rejeki pasti akan membalas penunaian kewajiban tersebut dengan anugrah-Nya yang akan mencukupi kebutuhan kita." my fav words!
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